Andrew Carnegie, The

Andrew Carnegie, The World’s First Philanthropist. Not everyone can become a philanthropist. Even so, a philanthropist is considered as someone who is very noble because he gives almost a portion of their wealth to social interests.

Therefore, most of those who become philanthropic used to have a background in work or success in their lives. At present there are already so many philanthropists in the world. Call it like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet for example.

But, do you know who first discovered and did this very noble act? To find these answers, see the review below.

Andrew Carnegie, The
Andrew Carnegie, The

His name is Andrew Carnegie

Did you know that Andrew Carnegie was named the first philanthropist in the world? His name is indeed not so, because of his life long before the present. Andrew himself decided to retire in 1901 at the age of 66 years.

Even so, at that time, Andrew Carnegie was very widely known by the public. That’s because he was a very successful industrialist at the time. Andrew Carnegie came from Scotland, but during his life and success, he got in the United States when following his parents to move there.

Andrew Carnegie, The
Andrew Carnegie, The

Career journey

Even so, it turns out the career of Andrew Carnegie did not continue the wealth of his family at that time. Andrew decided to try on his own in his way. His first job in the United States at that time was as a factory worker in a factory.

Then after that, Andrew switched professions to become a company-owned bill logger, and was later given the following trust to hold the US government telegraph and train company.

After succeeding in this strategic work, Andrew finally built a factory with the name Carnegie Steel Company which focused on creating iron and steel which at that time became the largest industry in the United States. This is where Andrew’s wealth is very much and easily obtained himself.

In the end, Andrew decided to sell his company to JP Morgan in 1901, which later changed to US Steel. From here, Andrew then decided to become a philanthropist in enjoying the rest of his life.

Andrew Carnegie, The
Andrew Carnegie, The

Donations that have been given

During his time as a philanthropist, Andrew has donated most of his funds to social activities in the vicinity. Andrew is known as someone who likes peace. The outbreak of the first world war at that time made him sad to provide financial assistance as well as campaigning for peace in various existing institutions.

In 1902, Andrew founded the Carnegie Institution to fund research activities and provide pension funds for teachers. Donations disbursed to the institution range from $ 10 million.

Andrew loved reading books. Therefore, many donations he gave in the form of making a library. There are at least around 2 thousand public libraries that he built.

Not only that, Andrew once founded the Carnegie Corporation which was aimed at helping colleges and several schools worth $ 120 million. Andrew also funded the Hague Palace of Place, which is the site of a world court in the Netherlands.

Even before the end of his life history, he had donated 90% of the total wealth he had and was also recorded leaving a legacy worth $ 100 million to build public libraries in the United States and England.

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