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4 Philanthropists in the World Who Are Worth Emulating. Everyone must think to be able to have a lot of wealth during his life to make their family or descendants happy so that their offspring will be able to live happily when they are left behind.

Such thinking has indeed become a natural thing and it is sure to become a thought of the general public. Even so, not everyone thinks things like that.

Because for them, the assets that they have gotten so far should be returned to the social community because there is a part of the rights held by them in the treasure. Not surprisingly, charitable activities such as donating a part of the treasure become a hobby and pleasure for them instead of spending it just to dissipate.

For example, from 5 philanthropists in the world today. Before, did you know who they were? If you don’t know, just check the five people below.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is known to be one of the richest people in the world today. His wealth is certainly the result of his hard work in building his first company, namely Microsoft.

As we know, there are so many Microsoft products that are now very well known and used in everyday life, both by individuals and even government or private agencies. Interestingly, after finding technology to help other people’s work, Bill Gates is now very geared towards making social contributions.

These donations were channeled through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation institution. Many donations have been distributed by Bill Gates. Finally, it is known that Bill Gates has also helped fund Covid-19 test activities for people in the United States.

4 Philanthropists in
4 Philanthropists in

Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet is a very famous investor and is also admired by most investors in the world. With a wealth of wealth that is very much and was included in the list of the richest people in the world, Warren Buffet is also very well-known generous.

It can be seen where his life is not so much with a variety of very luxurious things. Even interestingly, Warren Buffet still likes to use various promos to be able to eat his favorite food at Mc ‘Donalds.

4 Philanthropists in
4 Philanthropists in

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook CEO this one is also known as a philanthropist in the world. He is considered as a CEO and also the youngest philanthropist in the world throughout history. It can be seen that Mark and his wife built a charity called Chan Zuckerberg in 2015 yesterday.

In total, Mark’s contribution was estimated at around 2.4% of his net worth of $ 71 billion in 2018. Mark plans to make 99% of Facebook shares diverted to donate other charity activities.

4 Philanthropists in
4 Philanthropists in

Jack Ma

Jack Ma is a businessman from China, who is also one of the people who made Alibaba a successful company in the world. Decided to retire and focus on philanthropy in 2019 yesterday.

He admitted it because he was inspired by the actions taken by Bill Gates in the world of philanthropy. The plan, Jack Ma will focus on funding various social activities in the fields of education, women’s empowerment, development, and the environment.

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